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Bunny and Carrot Are Best Friends Children's Book

Bunny and Carrot Are Best Friends Children's Book


Are you looking for wholesome, helpful books about friendship for children aged 4-10? Look no further! Bunny and Carrot might seem like an unlikely pairning, but they help to teach children about friendship, acceptance, helping others in need, being gracious, and so much more! 


We all have fears or apprehensions when we meet someone new... perhaps we wonder if we will have much in common or get along... but we cannot discover our shared interests and similarities without being willing to talk to the other person and share a little about ourselves. Although they got off to a bit of a rought start, Bunny was the perfect host to Carrot. They both realized how much they enjoyed each other's company and became fast friends. It would not have happened if Bunny had not agreed to help Carrot in her time of need. 

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Total number of pages: 26
ISBN Softcover: 9798210507068
Suggested Retail Price: $15.00 US


About this story:
It was a day like any other when Bunny set out for the briar. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined coming face-to-face with a walking, talking carrot. And never could he have imagined that they would become friends, but they did! Would you like to learn how? Come join them on their friendship adventure!

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